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Equip yourself for your dream career- Enroll in our professional beauty parlour course today! 

At affordable beauty parlour course fees

Aspire to be a makeup artist? Get enrolled in our professional beauty parlour course! With our basic & advanced courses in skin and makeup, we can help you mark a great career in the beauty industry. As one of the top makeup studios, we are equipped with advanced equipment and techniques to help you uncover industry trends and become an expert beautician. Known for delivering high-quality service standards, we are committed to imparting world-class training and helping you accomplish your dream of becoming a polished beautician. 

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Beauty Parlour Course Details

Our beauty parlour course list is uniquely designed and set up to meet individual requirements. From basic to advanced and highly-professional makeup courses, we’ve got you all covered. Explore our range of makeup courses: 

1. Basic/ Foundation Makeup Course 

We offer the basic beauty parlor course for people looking forward to starting their careers in the beauty industry. Our basic course is well-suited for beginners. This course empowers our candidates with the complete basics of makeup. Our trainers impart both practical and theoretical knowledge of the beauty industry and the various techniques involved.

Our course syllabus is designed from a perspective of a beginner and covers fundamentals of skincare & hygiene and various makeup techniques. Here’s a complete beauty parlour basic course list or topics covered under the basic beautician course- 

Makeup Consultation  Makeup Techniques
Face cleansing & toning  Skin grooming
Skin type analysis  Basic bridal makeup 
Makeup hygiene & safety  Party makeup 
Facial types & strokes Waxing 
Threading  Skin anatomy
Bleaching  Manicure & pedicure 

Course Duration- 1 month

Schedule- Classes are available on weekends as well as on weekdays 

Mode- Offline classes are available at our makeup studio; online classes are also available. 

Basic Parlour Course Fees- Rs. 20,000

For more details about our basic makeup course, get in touch.  

2. Advanced Parlour Course 

Our advanced course in makeup gives you a higher level of expertise and knowledge that polishes your basic makeup skills. From the latest makeup trends to advanced bridal and fashion makeup, this course gets you all covered! The syllabus for this course is designed for those who have basic prior knowledge of the basics of makeup. The advanced makeup artist course gives you an extensive understanding of advanced makeup concepts, empowering you to succeed as a professional makeup artist.

Our trainers upskill and impart training on the latest makeup trends so that you acquire the required skills and are able to deliver advanced makeup solutions to your audience. Throughout the course duration, you will be mentored by our highly-experienced and top-notch makeup trainers. Be it model makeup, everyday makeup, or high-end bridal makeup, you can ace the makeup by joining our advanced course in makeup. 

Here’s a list of all the topics covered under our advanced parlour course- 

Advanced Corrections & Sculpting Facial types & strokes 
AirBrush Makeup Nail art 
High-Definition Makeup Hair treatments & styling 
Film, Fashion & Glamour Makeup Skin treatment 
Portfolio building  Grooming 
Manicure & pedicure  Threading
Waxing Types  Other makeup essentials 

Course Duration- 2 months 

Schedule- Classes are available on weekends as well as on weekdays 

Mode- Offline classes are available at our makeup studio; online classes are also available. 

Advance Parlour Course Fees- Rs. 80,000/-

For more details about our advanced makeup course, get in touch.  

3. Media Makeup Course 

This specialized makeup course helps you develop distinctive skills in the beauty industry to work in a variety of areas, ranging from special effects to fashion and from live events to film, TV, and stage productions. Our course is designed for all levels: from beginners to experts, to help you understand the essential techniques, and craft skills and gain specialized knowledge employers are looking for in television, advertising, and films.

Under this course, we help you upgrade your basic makeup techniques and expand your knowledge in light, screen, and color theory that best suits the demands of the ever-evolving film, video, television, and print industry. Moreover, our trainers teach you the basics of how to behave onset and how to enhance the speed of touchup & makeup applications during live television. 

Here’s a glimpse of what is covered under our Media makeup course- 

Understanding of Skin & Products Foundation Judgment
HD-Airbrush makeup  Beauty makeup 
camera /TV makeup  Ramp makeup 
Eye makeup  Contouring/ face correction 
Touch-up method  Basic hair styling 

Course Duration- 3 months 

Schedule- Classes are available on weekends as well as on weekdays 

Mode- Offline classes are available at our makeup studio; online classes are also available. 

Media Makeup Course Fees- Rs. 95,000/-

For more details of our basic makeup course, get in touch.  

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Professional Beauty Parlour Course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs:)

What are different employment opportunities after doing a beauty parlour course? 

After completing the beauty parlour course, you have plenty of employment opportunities, such as- 
2. Makeup artists in the TV and film industry 
3. Makeup artists for Modeling agencies 
4. Self-employment (by setting up your own parlor) 
5. Freelancer as a makeup artist 
6. Theater makeup artist 

What are the benefits of becoming a beautician? 

There is no need to work from 9 to 6, you have the flexibility to work at your own schedule 
1. Great career growth and plenty of employment opportunities 
2. You get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life 
3. Creative job and interesting job, unlike other monotonous jobs 
4. The job of a makeup artist will always be in demand 
5. Rewarding work and great earnings 

What is the schedule of your classes? 

Our beauty parlour courses are designed to fit your schedule. Hence, we have flexible timings for our classes. Moreover, the course classes are taken on weekdays and even on weekends (for professionals & students). We also have the provision to deliver online classes.

Is beautician a good career? 

Absolutely! Considering that the beauty industry is growing rapidly and the demand for talented beauty artists is constantly on the rise, a career as a beautician can be highly flourishing. Being a beautician offers you a wonderful career, opportunities for growth, and rewarding results. Moreover, the demand for beauticians is poised to grow by 13% between 2016 to 2026. 

How long is the beauty course? 

Each type of beauty parlour course has a different time duration. On an average, the course duration is between 1 months to 6 months, depending on which course you choose. 

How much does a beauty parlour course cost? 

Our beauty parlour course fees are modest, making it an affordable choice for everyone. The price of our beauty parlour course ranges from Rs. 10,000 for a basic/foundation course to Rs.20,000 for an advanced or media makeup course.