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We all enjoy our ways though parties, of our lives, we take care of every detail for whenever we go for our get-togethers as well as pay take care of the minutest thing.

What will we be achieved by paying attention so much to these little things?

Your small gatherings, weddings and parties which will take us back to the day we all will cherish. When we are all are busy preparing for so many things like for our clothes, our precious jewellery. How about we make it easier for you by taking care of another most crucial detail.

Your look for the wedding, make up becomes an essential thing for the wedding as it gives your lehenga and jewellery the final touch.

We all obsess over Deepika and Priyanka glamourous look. A right makeup artist is what you need to give a look which will suit your face. Makeup is something which should suit your style and outfit if they aren’t in connection, then there is no way you can carry it off. Here, we will be helping you in deciding a look which will fit your face and also take care of your pocket.

When we talk about Delhi which always has been a little more extravagant and flamboyant in their taste, we need an artist who can take of it, so here we will help you to give some points to choose best makeup artist in Delhi.


best makeup artist in Delhi


Preparing for Party from Best Makeup Artist in Delhi

Beautiful brides and their bridesmaids as on your choice we need to decide what the essential look, you guys always anxious regarding the wedding saga. There is not only the wedding day but also so many functions you need to go through:



You have different looks which will be based on what you always had on your mind when you ever imagined yourself as a bride. There are generally three types of look you will come across; There are new trending looks, the nude, glamorous or your typical classic. The makeup is going to be minimal enhancing your features more.

The nude look in trend for day weddings where even the lehengas chose is pastel colours like pink and purple. There is some best bridal makeup artist in Delhi which helps you to achieve it.


Best Bridal Treatment

The makeup artists will be there for you for your wedding but are not there with you for the wedding day in particular functions they are going to be part of your life for at least 3-6 months before the wedding.

Why? It is not going to be a day’s work right to get the glow on your face. It is going to be a good session work that you will be going through. These sessions of facial and hair care will make your day effortless, and you will glow for the day.


Latest Techniques Used By Makeup Artists

Airbrush makeup is a kind of, so now is the time between the young brides. Airbrush technique you know and address it.

Makeup is done with an instrument which helps to give a right type of base to your skin; it has a makeup air compressor, an airbrush gun and particular airbrush foundation which can be water or silicone based. As it is machine-proved makeup, the base fits in the skin well. Your look and makeup become highly dependent on which type of wedding you are going for.

So according to your theme of the wedding, your makeup can research more about the wedding.

Even your makeup products change depending on your skin type; a day wedding is recommended to be having matt products whereas a night wedding or the reception can be giving and this will make a lot of difference.  There are top makeup products which are trending now:


    1. MAC
    2. Krylon
    3. Makeup Revolution
    4. Lakme
    5. MAC Studio


Other famous therapy which has been recommended for pre-bridal treatment, oxygen therapy which is nowadays highly recommended to hydrate your skin. These therapies are very much recommended in this area of makeup. There is also electro-galvanic therapy which is recommended for your pigmentation and will help you a lot to glow on your party day.


Choose Best Freelance Makeup Artist For Indian Brides

Weddings in India are not at all simple; they are entirely extravagant and filled with flamboyancy; it becomes a grand affair.

Weddings are a relevant part of our society and mind you, girls, if you have reached that “typical suitable age,” it will be your time, and we need to take care of everyone and everything.

There is a lot of freelance makeup artist in Delhi services available which also gives us a view on other functions techniques. This is fun to do with your girlfriends together, the makeup cost is also worth, and in there is now a lot of range within your budget which can help you decide how to go about your makeup.


Deciding the Budget for Your Makeup Artist

Now that you have got urgent pointer, I am sure your right side will be filled with cost list, and that honestly makes sense as you have to take care of these details also.

If you want to go for a simple matt look for the party, the cost of it is minimal when you will be comparing to the airbrush technique.

Mostly every makeup artist has their rates, but basic range remains the same.

You can also discuss with the artist depending on your face cut and your skin texture which products can be chosen while you go through it.


Benefits of Having Freelance Makeup Artist at Your Venue

There are really some good reasons for having freelance makeup artist at your venue.


    • You do not have to worry regarding you reaching your venue at time, because freelance makeup artist would come to visit you.
    • You already anxious you do not want to worry about a new strange place, it is going to be fine with your space.
    • Getting ready for the bride does take a lot of time, so your clothes and jewellery is already ready at your place you do not want to carry and forget things, they are with you.


Delhi is going all high profile with the bridal look, and there is some outstanding makeup artist who can help you look great for all your functions as well as your post bridal get-togethers, no doubt you are already beautiful but taking suggestion from these experienced pals is of no loss.

These top makeup artist in Delhi are here with their expertise to help you look suitable for all your events.




Who is the best makeup artist in Delhi?

There are very well known makeup artists in Delhi who are doing really very good in their profession. here at hdmakeover, pooja is the best makeup artist who provides bridal makeup services Delhi and Noida.

How much does a full face of makeup cost?

On average, a professional makeup artist can cost between 15,000/ INR and 1,50000 nationwide, depending on the services you select.

How much should bridal makeup cost?

The average wedding hair and makeup cost in India is around 35000/ INR but typically ranges from 15,000/ INR to 1,50000/ INR depending on both your location and the intricacy of the wedding hair or makeup style you’d like.