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Get Ready To Flaunt Your Stellar Bridal Look On Your Wedding Day! 

It’s your big day, and you want to be at your best, right? At HD Makeover, we know what it is to get dolled up for your special day. And so, we’ve brought the best wedding makeup artists with a range of bridal makeup packages that make you look absolutely breathtaking on your wedding day!  From pre-wedding packages to gorgeous hairstyles and wedding day makeup, we can take up all to bring out the best in you.


Bridal Makeup Price
Bridal Makeup Price


Get Your Dreamy Look With Our Professional Bridal Makeup Artists

We understand that choosing the right makeup artist is one of the most critical decisions you make as a bride-to-be. After all, you certainly don’t want to settle for less on the day when you will create memories that last for a lifetime. With a spectrum of bridal makeup packages, we ensure you give you a look that you have always dreamt of, feel pampered and get a unique makeup solution catered to your special requirements.


Explore Our Range Of Customized Bridal Makeup Packages

At HD Makeover, we are committed to using international premium cosmetic brands at amazing prices that suit your budget.


HD Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day is the most treasured, documented, and photographed day of your life. To look absolutely flawless in pictures, HD makeup can be your go-to choice. As a wedding comes with exposure to high-definition cameras and lenses, your cracks & lines can be visible. This is where HD makeup has its magic to play. It prevents your makeup from looking thick and unnatural and gives you an impeccable and flawless look.

Our HD makeup artists perfectly blend makeup that gives you a natural look while hiding all imperfections, uneven textures, and flaws. Our professionals use makeup products with reflective particles (mica, silicon, crystals), giving you a sheer look without making the makeup look cakey.


bridal makeup cost
bridal makeup cost


Key Features Of Our HD Makeup


    • Imparts a natural-looking skin  


    • Designed to look absolutely flawless on camera


    • Lightweight and comfortable to wear even for long hours


    • Conceals imperfections, blemishes & flaws 


    • Enhances naturals contours of the face 


    • HD makeup is the best suited for people with dry skin or anyone with skin texture.



HD Makeup Package Prices

Our bridal makeup packages prices for HD makeup start from 10,000 and go up to 15,000, depending on your custom requirements.


Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Our airbrush makeup technique involves spraying makeup/foundation in the form of mist onto the skin by using an airbrush gun. Under this package, we have a range of silicon-based products that are non-transferable, smooth, and give a finished look. As bridal makeup clearly needs longevity, going with airbrush makeup is a perfect choice for a long ceremony. 

With our airbrush makeup package, you can be assured that your makeup will perfectly stay throughout the emotional crying, humidity, or continuous running around. To carry our flawless airbrush makeup, we have special tools, liquid pigments, and training makeup artists, giving you full coverage and faultless makeup.


Key Features Of Our HD Makeup


    • Stays for a very long duration, without fading away 


    • Provides a fine coat of makeup that doesn’t feel heavy 


    • More water resistant than any other form of makeup 


    • Comfortable to wear and feels light on the skin 


    • Does not requires touch-ups


    • It is great for brides who have oily skin or large skin pores



Airbrush Makeup Package Details

Our bridal makeup packages prices for airbrush makeup start from 10,000 to 25,000, depending on your custom requirements. 

Note: Our bridal makeup packages can be completely customized per your needs. You can choose from our range of cosmetics and brands, that suit your skin type and choice. Any extra inclusions in the packages can be subjected to changes in bridal makeup package prices. To get an exact quote, make an inquiry, and our professionals will get back to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does HD makeup stay?

If you opt for HD makeup, it lasts for 8-10 hours without fail. You might need little touchups if you want your makeup to stay longer.

How Long does airbrush makeup stay?

Airbrush makeup usually stays longer than HD or any other form of makeup. On average, airbrush makeup stays up to 12 or more hours.

Which is better, HD makeup or airbrush makeup?

Both makeups come with their own set of benefits. However, choosing the one completely depends on your skin type. For instance, brides with oily skin can go with an airbrush makeup package, while brides having textured skin can go with HD makeup. 

Still confused? Talk to our beauty consultants, and they can help you choose the right one for you!
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How much does bridal makeup cost (prices)?

On average, bridal makeup prices range from INR 10000 to INR 25000.