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Engagement, the official announcement of two families coming together.

Engagement is as essential as a wedding, as you are going to be the star of the night all attention will be on you. When we are all are busy preparing for so many things like a new wardrobe, our precious lehenga, jewelry. Your look for the wedding, make up becomes an essential thing for the wedding as it gives your lehenga and jewelry the final touch. If you want to go for a simple matt look the cost of it is minimal when compared to the airbrush technique. Mostly every makeup artist has their rates, but the basic range remains the same. But here we are providing the best engagement makeup for the bride at a low cost.

Weddings in India are not at all simple; they are entirely extravagant and filled with flamboyancy; it becomes a grand affair.

Weddings are a relevant part of our society and mind you, girls, if you have reached that “typical suitable age,” it will be your time, and we need to take care of everyone and everything.

It is now easy for you to get access to engagement makeup services, the makeup cost is also worth it, and there is now a lot of range within your budget that can help you decide how to go about your Makeup and get the best engagement makeup prices.

engagement makeup prices
Engagement Makeup

The Kind of Look You can Choose:

The Nude look

When you have decided to become all nude and pretty, you are looking for a formal event, then make sure you keep your Makeup classy. The nude look is perfect for making your face pretty yet your simplicity is maintained at time; this is going to be your time when you will look best.

The Glamourous Look

You are preparing for a high-profile party which is going to be all evening gala event; then it is time to experiment with elegance and shimmers. Pick up that beautiful golden, silver, or shimmery red outfit for making you look unique for the game.

Water-Resistant Airbrush makeup is entirely waterproof which goes well for even monsoon events, the problem of getting your powder melted due to sweat and water is solved with high benefits; you blot your face, and your Makeup is fixed without any melting up to a good number of hrs, and you can take it off with your makeup remover with simple swipes. If you are thinking of HD makeup is also a perfect option as it gives you a glossier look and gets the best engagement makeup prices.

Engagement Makeup Price (Packages)

Engagement is one occasion where you and your life partner’s family, relatives, and friends are going to meet and welcome each other for the first time. So nobody would like to look low at that moment.

On average, the engagement makeup price may start from Rs 7,000. The cost of the package depends on many other factors like there are many makeup product brands and they differ by their qualities and prices.

So now it is your time to decide how you will look for your engagement consider it as important as your wedding day.

Engagement Makeup Packages- *Starting Price

Rs 7000 per Bride
  • HD Engagement Makeup - Rs 7000/- per Bride
  • Airbrush Engagement Makeup - Rs 9000/- per Bride
  • HD + Airbrush Engagement Makeup - Rs 12,000/- Per Bride


Which makeup is best for engagement?

Nude look.
Glamourous look.
Clean face, thick liner, bold brows and bright red lips.
Shimmery nude eyes with glossy peach lips.
Smokey matte brown eyes with MLBB.
Shimmery silver eyes with soft mauve lips.
Bronzed look with highlighter on cheeks.
Smokey eyes with magenta lips.
Natural-looking no-makeup look.
Smokey eyes, nude lips.

What is engagement makeup?

It’s cool makeup, especially for engagements. It’s neither as light as party makeup nor as heavy as bridal makeup. It can either be done by using basic products or even specialized techniques.

How do you prepare for an engagement?

Schedule Frequent Manicures. Get ready: As soon as you get engaged, everyone is going to ask to see your ring.
Whiten Your Teeth.
Stop eating junk foods.
Do regular Yoga/exercise.
Take antioxidant products.
Eat Healthier.
Get Active.
Lift Weights.
Pack a Day-of Bag.
Prep Your Face.
Get that Healthy Glow

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