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Global hair colouring entails colouring your complete head of hair in the same colour from root to tip.

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Hair colouring can be a fun way to change things up. It’s less dangerous than a bold haircut, yet more effective than simply changing your hairstyle. Getting a worldwide hair colour can make a big statement. When you get worldwide hair colour, getting your hair coloured can make a big statement. One of the trending and new styles this season is global colour, a colouring procedure in which your hair is dyed the same colour from root to tip.

The appropriate colour may enhance your complexion, better frame your face, and make it appear more attractive. But before you book your appointment, here’s everything you need to know about the best global hair colour services in Noida, Greater Noida West including global hair colour with highlights price.

What is Global Hair Colour?

Global hair colouring entails colouring your complete head of hair in the same colour from root to tip. Global hair colour is commonly used to conceal greys, change up your hair colour, and bring consistency to hair that was previously coloured in a variety of hues. The substance will be applied from the root to the tips of your hair during the global hair colour. While depending on the hair’s length, a regular hair colour job might take anywhere from 1-3 hours and cost up to Rs 2,000. A global hair colour job is usually completed before applying another hair colour, such as balayage or ombre.

It establishes the tone of your hair in preparation for the subsequent colour treatment. While you can colour your hair at home with ready-made box colours available on the market, it is suggested by our experts that you do not do so. While these colours are less expensive, they include ammonia, which causes your hair to become rigid and brittle.

global hair colour price

Global Hair Colour – The Process

If you want to get the services of global hair colour at HD makeover, Our experts follow the below process.

1. Select Your Shade

When using permanent hair colour, colourists recommend staying within two shades of your natural hair colour. Experts at HD Makeover also suggest only going one shade lighter than your natural hue if you want to go lighter. In addition, most home hair colour employs a universal developer that works on all hair types, so your colour will stay within the proper shade family.

Always purchase at least two boxes of colour to ensure that you have enough to cover your entire head. experts at HD Makeover recommend taking a picture of the box (assuming you like it) so you can colour in the same way the following time.

2. Preparation of tools, clothing, and the area

Experts at HD Makeover recommend colouring your hair in the restroom. The surfaces are pretty resistant to spills, and any spills may be cleaned up quickly with a Clorox wipe.

You’ll also want to wear an old button-down shirt that you don’t mind staining and lay old towels on the floor. On the bathroom counter, gather all of your tools, including home hair colour kits, hair clips, a comb, a container of Vaseline, and makeup remover wipes.

3. Perform a Strand Test

Before you go ahead and colour your entire head, be sure you’re not allergic to the colour. Experts at HD Makeover recommend applying the cream to a tiny patch of hair at the nape of your neck for the time specified on the box to check whether your skin becomes inflamed. It’s also an excellent method to check how the colour will turn out and ensure you like the outcome.

4. Keep your hairline safe

Apply Vaseline along your hairline to prevent discolouration. We claim that this produces a barrier that hair colour can’t penetrate. If you acquire any hair dye on your skin, use your makeup remover towelettes to remove it right away.

HD Makeover recommends using an exfoliating facial wash like this one to remove any colour that has gotten past your Vaseline barrier.

5. Make a section in your hair and colour it

It’s time to go to work on the dyeing! It would help if you started by doing sections of your hair down the middle, then cutting four parts from ear to ear and along the back of your head. To keep the portions apart, use your sectioning clips. According to experts, building sections will save you time in the long run and offer you more precision when adding colour.

Apply the colour to the roots first, then comb it through the remainder of your strands with a comb, section by section. For its unique, original design that makes it incredibly easy to use, especially when applying your at-home hair colour, we appreciate PINK PEWTER “Never Let Go” Carbon Fibre Colour and Styling Comb.

Experts recommend breaking up the rear sections of your hair into smaller sections and flipping your hair towards the front after applying.

Tips for Keeping the Health of Your Hair Colour After Getting Service

We’ve got a few more recommendations including global hair colour prices to keep your colour healthy and happy now that you’ve coloured your hair like an at-home hair expert.

You need to make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for colour-treated hair. Most of these products are sulphate-free (which means they won’t strip your colour) and have chemicals that help your colour remain longer. They’ll also keep your hair from breaking and becoming damaged.

If your colour is lighter than you thought or if you left it on too long and your hair turned orange, don’t worry—it happens! Use EVA NYC Tone It Down, a colour-correcting shampoo. Shampoo for blonde hair. This shampoo helps neutralise brassy tones in blonde hair.

Leave-in treatments can assist in intensifying and locking in your colour daily. AVEDA Color ConserveTM Daily Color Protect seals the cuticle of your hair for extreme shine.

HD Makeover experts recommend shampooing your hair less frequently (two to three times a week) to keep your colour. When using a hot tool, like BUMBLE AND BUMBLE All-Style Blow Dry, make sure to use a heat protectant product like BUMBLE AND BUMBLE All-Style Blow Dry.

Global Hair Colour with Highlights Price in Greater Noida West

Global Hair Colour Price

Rs 2999/-


What is the difference between global hair colour and balayage and objective hair?

Your hair will be the same colour from root to tip if you choose a global hair colour. These are freehand creations aimed to transition your hair from dark to light to lighter in a seamless, streak-free transition. The goal of these two treatments is to make your hair appear to be naturally fading into lighter shades.

What Is the Price of Global Hair Colour?

The cost of global hair colour is entirely dependent on the salon, the hair colour brand, and the length of your hair. A global hair colour job might cost anything from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000. The longer your hair is, the cost will increase. Global hair colour may cost you between Rs 3,000 and 7,000 if your hair is shoulder length.

What are Global Hair Colour Side Effects?

Roots are adverse hair colour effects. While you are not sure to experience any side effects, these are some possibilities. After-care: You must use additional caution when colouring your hair. Using a hair serum daily and a heat protectant before styling your hair can also assist in extending the life of the colour. It would help if you kept in mind that your hair colour fades slightly with each wash. As a result, your hair colour will fade depending on the shampoo you use and your hair colour.