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Hair highlights techniques are used to change your hair colour.

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What do you know about hair highlights services?

Lightner is used for the brightness of your hair strands. Hair highlights include hair painting, foil highlights, chunking and frosting. In hair highlights, we can select any colour of our choice. Highlights provide hair with a fuller appearance.

Hair highlights are best for people with fine and thin hair tones.

Types of Hair Highlights:

There are the following types of hair highlights:

A. Foil Highlights

In this type of highlight, foil is used to separate strands of hair for lightning. In this technique, Lightener is used on the hair. After this applicator brush is used to separate them. During the processing time, foil is folded to protect the hair. After the processing time, we get our desired results.

In this process, pigment is mixed with hydrogen peroxide to change the strand colour. It provides lowlights on hair. In the end, we get darker hair strands instead of natural colour.

B. Hair painting

It is a freehand technique to get highlighted effects. A hair painting brush is used in this process. This type of hair colouring is permanent.

To highlight thin sized strands of hair comb can also be used.

C. Frosting

In frosting adjacent hair remains untreated. In this process, a highlighting cap is used. Holes in the cap pull the hair and the hair gets lightened. This process provides your hair pepper and salty look with some untreated hair strands. It is best for shorter hair.

D. Chunking

It is totally different from traditional highlights. This highlight style is thicker and large. It has different varieties of bold natural colour, artificial and unnatural colour.

You can use it for more contrast than subtle texture.

hair highlights price
hair highlights

Hair highlight process step by step

Hair highlights change your hair colour dimensions. They make your hair more vibrant and fuller. By applying hair highlight services, you look younger and more radiant.

If you do your treatment at home then you can save your money. At the salon, this treatment is quite expensive.

There are the following easier and cheaper steps to highlight your hair at home:

1. Choose the right colour:

Selection of the right colour is the first and most important step for hair highlights. You should be aware of the dye which suits your skin. Its selection is usually depending upon your hair condition and colour. It is better to use a dye that is one to two shades lighter than your original colour. It will look unnatural if you dye it too light. It also causes a stripy effect.

In the case of dark hair, you should have to match the shade on the box with your natural shade. The dye should be drip-free and conditioning.  If you have applied henna then your hair won’t lighten.

2. Protect your skin and clothes

It is important to protect your skin from harmful bleaches or dyes. So, before applying dye, wrap a towel around your shoulders. You can also pull a plastic bag over your head. For hand protection use gloves provided with the kit.

3. Get familiar with your tools

If you are new and dying for the first time then you must read the instructions about how to use the tools. Hair highlights kits provide tools with instruction. If the hair colour brush is too big then you can use a baby brush. Because a big brush can create chunky streaks which are not desirable.

4. Follow the directions on the box 

Companies provide instructions listed in the box in which all the details are listed. For better results read the box carefully. And, follow the directions accordingly.

5. Do a test on a strand

Test the dye out on one strand of your hair before colouring your entire head. It will give you the satisfaction that you are using good dye. In order to get accurate results, process it for the full recommended time.

 6. Prepare the colour

Follow all the instructions provided with the box. Then, mix the colour dyes. Use permanent dye instead of bleach if you are using it for the first time. It will cause less damage. If you want a natural look then don’t use bleach.

7. Divide hair into different sections

For your convenience, divide your hair into four sections then use a rubber or hair clip to keep them in place. After this never forget to do a strand test to ensure you have chosen the right shade. It will help you to save your hair from damage.

8. Apply hair highlights

Apply the highlight in thin stripes away from your roots. Your hair colour will look more natural if you apply thin highlights. Moreover, thin stripes will create a zebra stripe effect which can increase the beauty of your hair. Applying a dry brush to your roots will prevent splotches and spots.

9. Leave the colour for a specific time

Leave the colour on your hair according to the box instructions if you want to get desired results. More or less time will affect your hair. You will fail to get desired highlights. If you are using bleach then keep aware that it doesn’t get too light. If you keep bleaching your hair for a long time then you will get damaged.  One thing you must keep in mind before applying dye, by sunlight exposure and continued washing will turn your hair highlights lighter.

10. Washout dye

After a specific time, wash your hair twice with shampoo. After this apply the conditioner provided in the box. And, leave it for 3-4 minutes. Then, wash thoroughly. Make sure all the dye has come out.

11. Allow your hair to dry

After washing, dry your hair and check the results. If you do it according to instructions then you will get good results. If something wrong happens, immediately visit the salon.

Hair Highlights Price in Greater Noida West

There are different ranges of price for hair highlights in greater Noida. Hdmakeover is the best hair highlight service provider in Noida.

Hair Color Price

Rs 2999/-

For partial highlights average cost is ₹3000 -₹5000.

For full highlights, the average cost is ₹7000-10000

For short hair highlights the average cost is ₹4000-₹5090.

For long hair, the average cost is ₹7000-₹11000

Advantages of Hair Highlights service

When it comes to beauty and fashion, hair highlights have a lot of advantages. Some are listed below:

  • Hair highlights are less damaging than lighter colours.
  • Hair highlights services are versatile.
  • Decent hair highlights enhance skin tone.
  • Such services modernised your style.
  • They add depth to your style and personality.


How can I take care of my hair after highlights?

wash your hair soon after getting your hair highlighted. Wait 48 hours to wash them. It’s considered better to wait till one week.

How long does hair highlight last?

Hair highlights can last up to two to three months. In most cases, people need to get their hair retouched after 6-8 weeks. However, it’s different for different people. It depends on how much time it takes to grow hair, take care of high lights etc.

Do highlights need a lot of maintenance?

Highlights require more maintenance and one would have to often visit salons or hairstylists to keep their hair in good form

Do highlights blend after a few washes?

There are chances that hair highlights may get blended after washing with shampoo soon after getting hair coloured. That’s why it’s advised best to wash them after one week.