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If you are looking for the best hair smoothening services in Noida, Greater Noida West at low price. If you have rough, wavy, or curly hair and want a super straight hair then you should opt for our Hair Smoothening

at afordable permanent hair smoothening price

Hair smoothening, commonly known as Brazilian blowout or Keratin treatment, is used to smooth the hair with a formaldehyde cream.

Unruly or wavy hair can be treated with hair smoothening. Experts with competence with these compounds typically perform a sophisticated process. It takes up to five hours to complete the operation, and it lasts for around five months before you need to repeat it.

While hair smoothing is time-consuming, it is also rewarding because you will have frizz-free, straight hair for at least the next few months. You’ll learn how to smooth your hair, how long the smoothed hair lasts, and how much the service costs in the following paragraphs.

hair smoothening price(cost)

Procedures for Smoothening Hair Treatment

The hair smoothing process can take two to six hours, depending on the length and type of your hair.

Always leave it to the experts with the experience to carry out the treatments safely for the most outstanding results.

The procedures for smoothing hair are listed below.

1. Getting Your Hair Ready

Before beginning the smoothing process, you must prepare your hair for the smoothening procedure.

Hair must be washed and dried as part of the preparation. Usually, your hairdresser would do all of this, but you can do it yourself if you choose.

If you wash it yourself, make sure to scrub it well to get rid of all the grime. Then, a blow dryer completely dries the hair after washing it with a hair conditioner.

2. Putting the Solution into Action

The soothing lotion should be applied to the hair strands after being washed clean. A formaldehyde-based cream can smooth and straighten your hair as a remedy.

However, avoid allowing the formaldehyde solution to come into contact with your hair’s scalp. The chemical can harm your hair in various ways, most of which we’ll go over in the cons portion of this lesson.

Smoothing your hair yourself will prevent the solution from contacting the roots of your hair. Applying a solution to their hair and making sure it doesn’t touch their scalp is too much for the average person. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour for the cream to absorb into the hair before rinsing it off.

3. Hair Straightening and Drying

Now you need to dry your hair after rinsing off the formaldehyde solution. If you have a blow dryer, you can speed up the procedure.

You can also make your hairs straight with a straightening iron if you have access to one. If you’re smoothing your hair at a salon, your stylist should take care of everything.

While you’ve officially smoothed your hair, there’s one more thing you should do: apply some creams. These lotions will make your hair wavy and lustrous.

Benefits of Hair Smoothening Treatment

Here are a few convincing reasons to smooth your hair over the weekend.

1. It has no long-term negative consequences

You don’t risk any substantial long-term harm to your hair if you don’t smooth your hair now and again.

To avoid breaking, smooth your hair more than three times every year. Regularly rubbing your hair with a formaldehyde-based smoothening product will only create irreversible damage in the long run.

2. It has a natural appearance

Hair smoothening does not attempt to beautify your hair artificially. It merely enhances its beauty by restoring it to its natural, straight, and silky appearance.

It gives the hair a natural aspect rather than a swollen one. A formaldehyde hair smoothing product is a good option if you prefer natural hair.

3. It gets rid of frizz

Because most other hair treatments, including over-shampooing, induce frizz, any hair treatment that improves your hair’s appearance without generating frizz gets a bonus point.

It not only ‘doesn’t induce’ frizz,’ but it actively prevents it as well. Smoothing your hair prevents frizz for a couple of weeks, keeping your hair looking fresh and tidy.

4. It brightens and straightens your hair

Hair straightening is usually the last step in most hair smoothing operations. It’s only natural, then, that nearly everyone with smoothed hair also has straight hair.

Your hair comes to life when it’s silky, straight, and frizz-free. Smoothening straightens and revitalizes your hair in this way. So, get to know the hair smoothening cost in your area and get an appointment.

Drawbacks of Hair Smoothening

Using chemicals on your hair is always a danger. While straight, bouncy hair is always appealing, hair smoothing can have several adverse side effects that you should be aware of.

Review the following side effects of hair smoothing before you agree to have your hair smoothed.

1. It includes poisonous compounds that can harm your body

If you have significant skin problems, you should avoid hair smoothing procedures.

When formaldehyde comes into touch with the skin, it can irritate. Having previous skin problems, such as acne just makes matters worse.

Furthermore, because you’ll eventually rinse the chemical off your body, it’s tough to prevent it from coming into touch with any part of your body.

2. If done incorrectly, it causes severe hair loss

When smoothing your hair, avoid allowing the solution to contact your scalp. The chemical dries the hair excessively, resulting in a dry scalp, ideal for hair fall. Because applying a solution to your hair and monitoring your scalp can be difficult for one person to handle, you should always seek expert assistance.

3. Eyes that itch and burn

When using a hair smoothing treatment, make sure it doesn’t come into touch with your eyes. The effects of formaldehyde in your eyes might range from itching to a burning sensation. It depends on the amount of formaldehyde that comes into contact with your eyes. Excessive formaldehyde in the eyes (more than 100 ppm) might result in total blindness.

Hair Smoothening Price – Permanent Hair Smoothening Cost

Hair Smoothening Price - *Starting Cost

Rs 2999/- Onward


A hair smoothing treatment can cost as little as Rs 1999/- or as much as Rs 2999/-, depending on your choice.

The length of your hair and any additional post-smoothening treatments can also raise the cost.

Yes, your profession has an impact on the pricing. For example, if you’re a hairstylist, you can get it done for free!

Do you want to know the price of permanent hair smoothening?

Hair Smoothening is the best treatment for people having Curly and wavy hair and looking for straight and silky hair.

While smoothing your hair can be pretty beneficial, a few drawbacks can make the technique less appealing.We HD MAKEOVER provides only guaranteed quality servcies

How much does hair smoothening cost?

The Hair smoothening treatment cost depends on your hair length and the parlour that you go to. But on average, hair smoothening professionals charge between 3000 to 10,000 INR.