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No one likes hair that is unruly and unmanaged. In addition to hair care habits, many people choose to change their hairstyle and look for fuss-free alternatives. One fantastic approach is to use a hair straightener.

Permanent Hair Straightening Price

We’ve all seen how beautiful and manageable straight hair can be.

However, some people fear that using a hair straightener is harmful to their hair. That is why they are wary about using it. We, on the other hand, are here to disprove this myth.

It is possible that you are not aware of the numerous benefits of utilizing hair straighteners. All you’ll need is a heat protectant, and you’ll be able to enjoy the straightening process.

This article will examine what the benefits are and how the procedure goes on at HD Makeover.

permanent hair straightening price
hair straightening

Salient Features of Hair Straightening Services at HD Makeover 

Usage of Best Hair Straightener that provides best Features

Suitable for All Hair Types

Whether you have dense, exemplary, or curly hair, a ceramic hair straightener will allow you outstanding results without providing you with heat. The measure and thickness of your hair are essential things to consider. When it comes to hair straightening advantages, it’s important to remember that getting the right hair straightener is necessary. Our brand has a large selection of hair straighteners at HD Makeover.

A hair straightener with a larger plate size is recommended if you have long and thick hair. It will provide you with the best results when it comes to hairstyling. Thin and shorter hair will benefit from a smaller plate.

Heat Distribution That Is Even

The capability to evenly disperse heat is one of the critical advantages of utilizing a hair straightener for hair straightening. Another method, the hair straightener for ceramic plates, reduces heat damage and hair moisture loss.

Our expert hair straighteners not only heat up quickly but also save your hair from drying out, making you able to achieve beautiful straight hair with this priceless hairstyle tool.


Besides their core function of straightening hair, straighteners can now be successfully employed to produce various hairstyles. Our hair straightener also has the advantage of never gripping the hair too tightly. The easy-gliding nature of these irons will not only improve your straightening experience but will also make the process pain-free and faster.

Irreversible Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening has one major disadvantage: it is irreversible. You can’t change your hair if you don’t like it. Hair thinning is another issue that arises as a result of the surgery. It has no volume and looks like you’ve been wearing a wig for the past two months. It demands a lot of upkeep. We make sure to use a shampoo that straightens your hair.

After a year, your straightened hair is damaged, with too many split ends and breakage. The procedure is also quite costly. The chemicals in the products are harmful to your hair since they strip away the natural oils in your hair. The chemicals used are said to break down your natural hair connections and replace them with new ones.

Permanent Hair Straightening at HD MAKEOVER

Permanent straightening at the salon is the least expensive and time-consuming salon choice for getting results.

It can end up to 6 months, and the weight of the treated hair beneath it can cause it to grow in looking like smooth waves as untreated hair grows in.

Keratin Treatments at HD Makeover

Keratin treatments aim to condition your hair, and the result is softer and smoother than other hair treatments that leave it feeling “fried.”

These therapies can continue anywhere from 4 to 6 months, which is long.

The Brazilian technique is prevalent. It is by far the most well-known of all the hair straightening methods. In this method, a keratin layer is usually injected with the strands’ existing keratin structure, which sits perfectly with the fibers to soften and straighten their natural texture. It gives your hair a silky straight appearance and makes it incredibly shine. You will find the affordable hair straightening price in Nodia at HD Makeover.

It ensures that you may straighten your hair without difficulty. The results can last up to 6 to 8 months with careful care. That, too, is dependent on the rate at which your hair grows. Hair returns to its natural texture as it grows out, so if your hair were curly before, it would be frizzy again after six months. These aren’t treatments you can count on for the rest of your life. However, there are no such treatments available for the rest of one’s life. Hair always returns to its original structure, whether wavy, curly, or dry, as it was when you were born.

Thermal Hair Straightening

Hair straightening in Japan is said to leave your hair pin-straight and simple to maintain. Many people prefer sleek and effortless straight-down hair that requires no further upkeep. Hair usually stays straight until new hair growth starts; thus, the results are long-lasting.

Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening

It isn’t a completely foolproof procedure. It does not produce better results than the previous procedure. On the other hand, it can produce good results that last if you go in for touch-ups regularly. This process is less expensive than the one listed above and can be performed at various salons. The shafts are first heavily chemically treated in this way. Over the original posts, it creates a chemical bond.

As a result, the initial keratin connections are broken. After the links have been violated, the new layer of keratin is treated with high heat to ensure it adheres to the old one. It can be extremely harmful, and most people do not undergo this treatment unless they aim to pay a necessary amount of money.

There is no doubt that each woman wants to enhance her hair by getting hair straightening treatments. If you are also one of those and searching for the best service, HD Makeover attains the best highlight hair straightening treatment in Noida. So, you need to visit our website or contact us and get an appointment to turn your fizzy and curly hairs straight.

Permanent Hair Straightening Price

The permanent hair straightening treatment cost depends on your hair length and the parlour that you go to. But on average, hair straightening professionals charge between 3000 to 10,000 INR.

Permanent Hair Straightening Cost

Rs 2999/-

Is hair straightening safe?

Yes, hair straightening is safe as long as it doesn’t contain any chemicals that produce formaldehyde. Be sure to ensure that hair straightening is performed by experienced stylists to ensure safety.

Is it possible to colour and straighten your hair at the same time?

No. Applying both colouring and straightening your hair can result in damage to your hair. It’s better to wait for a few weeks after colouring your hair to get your hair straightened.

How long will hair straightening last?

Hair treated with straightening and rebonding will remain permanently. But it’s better to go for hair straightening every 4-6 months depending on the growth and texture of your hair