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There are times when you need something better and unique for the party which is essential to make you look all pretty and beautiful.

MAC, Krylon, Makeup Studio are the new makeup products in trend. You can also discuss with your freelance makeup artist regarding on your skin type which products can be recommended HD makeup products are popularly used in the market area right now, and you get even easy access to makeup for wedding party.


Types of Makeups


HD Makeups

HD makeup is considered to be glossier, and it is for high definition camera where minute lines are also seen very clearly. This type of makeup gives a lot of shine on the face which is appropriate for night weddings, as during night time the light is artificial and high coverage base is required. HD makeup price also falls on an average range, so that many people can reap the benefits.


Airbrush Makeups

Airbrush makeup is done with an instrument which helps to give a right type of base to your skin; it has a makeup air compressor, an airbrush gun and particular airbrush foundation which can be water or silicone based. It is a machine-proved makeup; the base fits in the skin equally. It is a perfectly layered makeup look which gives you a lot of layering though it is lighter on the surface.


MAC Look

This is for a simple matted look which you need to balance out your party when you want something subtle yet classy look.

The makeup artist is not there with you for the wedding day or particular functions they are going to be for you whenever you need a lot of time months before the wedding It is not going to be a day’s work right to get the glow on your face for any party. It is going to be regular sessions work which you will be going through. It becomes essential to take care of your skin for a long time, then just for a day. A right makeup artist will help you a lot.

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Party Makeup Artist

Party Makeup Service at Home

Party makeup services at home are essential as it can save up a lot of your time and this becomes important. We provide engagement party makeup, reception party makeup or any other occasions.

Makeup services are playing a significant role in the market depending on the range of looks they provide. These services have now increased in their profile by working on new looks and also adding high technique in their pattern of work. You can check for regular makeup artist which are easy to find.

Party Makeup Price

On average, party makeup prices range from INR 2000 to INR 3,000.


Party Makeup Prices

Starting Price Rs 2000/
  • Classical Party Makeup Rs 2000/Person
  • HD Party Makeup Rs 2500/Person
  • Airbrush Party Makeup Rs 3000/Person