Look Amazing With Latest Makeup Trends 2023

2023 is the Year of the Rat, and this is an active, energetic animal that adores business people, therefore, in order to please it, makeup must be bright and memorable.

Updating beauty images is part of the ritual for moving between each season. Fortunately, the beauty trends of fall and winter 2022 will be in fashion in the winter of 2023. And beside them, the trend will also include some options for the summer make-up, because the borders between the seasons are now almost erased.

The main emphasis here should be on the metalized or pearlescent palette, and even if you choose large sequins, no one will blame you.

It’s fashionable! Since sparkles are a whimsical thing.

You should be careful about their shades. They must strictly match your colour type. For cold types, tones of soft gold, muffled silver, metallic, holographic shine are suitable, for women with a warm skin tone – sand, cream, terracotta tones with small crumb sparkles.

The makeup should suit you and match the event or time of day. It is designed to emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. Very often, make-up artists make the same make-up to everyone in a row, not taking into account the features of the face.

Each year presents us with new trends not only in the world of fashion but also in the world of beauty. Fashionable makeup for every day of the 2023 season is what helps you to always be attractive, whether you are a diligent student, business woman or vamp woman.

Spring and summer 2023 trends in makeup promise to give a lot of freshness and brilliance. Fashion dictates its own. In the New Year, designers successfully use classic elements with the most daring solutions.

No matter how much you spend daily on makeup, the fashion trends of spring and summer 2021 will be able to surprise you.

It is safe to say that last year’s trends are still relevant. Easy makeup for every day will come in handy in the new season. This news is really good, because the bold decisions of makeup artists are usually quite difficult to implement.

Naturalness combined with an unusual accent is what this year’s fashion dictates! It will also be useful to note that everything new is well-forgotten old. Therefore, boldly arm yourself with a black pencil and eyeliner.

Look Amazing With Latest Makeup Trends 2020
Latest Makeup Trends

One of the main trends of makeup on New Year’s Eve is the emphasis on the eyes. Among the trends Makeup of 2023, five main ones can be distinguished:

Bright, Accent Eye Makeup

it is best to use glitter for eyelids, or cashmere, two-part sequins, an active shimmer under eyebrows, glossy shadows, Smokey ice with colour eyeliner is not forbidden. should create the feeling that after the chimes breakthrough, you will leave for the disco and there you will look quite organically.

Flickering Liquid Eyeliner

Flickering liquid eyeliner (sparkling arrows can be of different shades, but it is important that they blend perfectly with the colour of the shadows.


Sequins are stars instead of freckles (yes, this is very bold, but you can apply them very little, this will add playfulness and weightlessness to the image. What you need for a festive night).

Makeup with the Effect of Glowing Skin

Everything here also depends on your mood: you can combine the primer with a highlighter and blush-mica to create a wow effect, or you can only apply an active “golden” pigment to the area of the cheekbones and nose, which will also be incredibly beautiful.

Golden Lips

Golden lips to give them chic and gloss, after applying lipstick you need to add a little golden gloss to the middle of the lips and blend it.

Fashionable Trend Make-up for Eye Colour for the Year 2023

First of all, you need to remember that any makeup needs to be applied on an ideal foundation. You can use not just a foundation to create the perfect skin tone, but also a silicone base for makeup. Firstly, it will add a little “muffle” to any bright shades, and secondly, it will fix the make-up for a long time. Further: in the main elements of makeup should be present in this season’s metallic shine. Just remember the colour of the eyes. Shades of “brilliant” should emphasize the “colour” of the eye, and not compete with it.

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#1. Trending Makeup for Green Eyes

For green eyes in the New Year’s makeup, warm shades of shadows, for example, peach, cinnamon, cocoa, as well as chocolate, golden, and purple, will be appropriate. Powder darker than the natural colour of the skin will give expressiveness to the face. The shade of lipstick should be warm, but without pearl. Golden rule: if we add extra glow to the eyes, then the lips should be as neutral as possible.

#2. Trending Makeup for Gray Eyes

Gray-eyed girls will be the centre of attention all evening if they choose cold shades of pink, smoky gray, and sand for their New Year’s makeup. Eyeliner need only emphasize the contour of the eyes. Powder is recommended to be lighter than your own skin tone, but lipstick can be “torn off” by adding fire to it. Scarlet, carmine, active, mother-of-pearl gloss, lip oil – all this is perfect for Year 2023 trending make-up.

#3. Latest Makeup for Blue Eyes

It is better for owners of blue eyes for New Year’s makeup to arm themselves with a palette with anthracite (in the case of Smokey Ice), blue and blue shades. The main thing is that they are not muffled, matte textures. In the New Year’s makeup, it’s important to add depth to the blue eyes, so the shadow should be with reflective textured elements. The multi-component make-up will add the same depth: a light shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye, the main colour is applied to the middle of the eyelid, and the outer corner of the eye is shaded with dark. In conclusion, it is recommended to emphasize the lips with a pastel shine.

#4. Trending Makeup for Brown Eyes

Without what in the New Year’s makeup of 2023 for brown eyes the owners can’t do without the bronze and all its shades. But such a bronze eye make-up is impossible without creating the effect of luminous skin; therefore, you cannot do without a primer and an active highlighter. If you do not want golden shades, look in the direction of active beige, chamois, Carmelite, mocha, field feldgrau, khaki. But remember! – If you use these colours as a base, you need to apply glitter to the centre of the moving colour. This is the festive accent without which New Year’s makeup will be incomplete.

#5. Trending Makeup White Arrows

White arrows were in fashion in the summer of 2018 and 2019, but star makeup artists decided that for winter, a white liner is much more relevant. They turned out to be right. And in the Dua Lipa’s nude makeup, and in the makeup with red lips, like Emma Roberts, the white arrows look gorgeous. If you are looking for new ideas for a winter or New Year’s make-up, try the white arrows. They look unusual, but at the same time restrained.

#6. Glitter Makeup and Minimalistic Make-up with Rhinestones

Trends of the 80s and 90s, which were revived in clothes and makeup this year. Thanks to designers, returned glitter makeup and rhinestones in make-up to fashion. True, today it is customary to use sparkles and rhinestones in front of the eyes in a minimalistic manner. These can be lower glitter arrows, and spangles on a moving eyelid and arrows from rhinestones. The main thing is not to overdo it with brilliance. Make sure sparkles are the only accent in your beauty look. Then the makeup will look stylish, and not cheap and puffy.

#7. Latest Makeup Bright Accent in the Corners of the Eyes

In summer, neon shades and shades with a holographic or metallic effect were in fashion, and in winter, makeup artists suggest using them only as a bright accent in the inner corners of the eyes. Neon and shadows with a metallic effect can be worn even in daytime looks, because they do not look so bright if the colour is scattered in the inner corner of the eye. In addition, this is a sure way to revive a monochrome image.

Trending Makeup Kissed Lip Effect
Trending Makeup

Trending Makeup Kissed Lip Effect

We already wrote that makeup with the effect of kissed lips is in trend this year. And Peter Philips showed how to create it with nude lipstick, and the most popular French make-up artist Violetta showed her makeup techniques on red lipstick. Therefore, you have several options for beauty instructions. Having tried it once, you will see that the makeup is very easy to create and looks very stylish, sexy and sensual.

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Hope, you liked this post. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding trending makeup ideas. Also, you can share your favourite makeup styles with me.

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