Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands and Legs

Mehndi is loved by every woman and with innovative ideas backed with creativity; they now apply it on back, shoulders as well.

Today social media has made it easy for those interested in learning Mehndi designs as well as those searching for different designs. Different designs are readily available on the internet with a guide to making difficult designs easy by using props.

The most popular and trendy designs for the modern era bride is a guy proposing a girl with a heart in the background or with a heart in his hand, which shows that the girl’s dream has come true.

Then there is a trend of writing short messages, mantras or shlokas on palms which are believed to bring prosperity and keep evil away.

Table and Shehnai is an age-old style of depicting it in the Mehndi. Then writing names of bride and groom with cartoon faces of the known lovers such as heer ranjha etc.

Nowadays some brides get their back designed with intricate, delicate artwork for their deep back neck. Some love to have less but vocal designs that speak a thousand words depicting their love for each other. Even backhands are decorated with the floral trail with simple designs to add grace.

Lotus motifs and swans are the latest design and then there are feet designs intricately drawn to make feet look gorgeous. A half and half design become complete when the bride joins hands are another type of trendy design. Some also try to imprint the groom’s face on their hands instead of writing his name or drawing a king.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands and Leg
Bridal Mehndi Designs

What is Mehndi Design?

Mehndi design is an art that is made on the body with intricate and detailed designs. Not only during wedding seasons but it is considered auspicious on other occasions and festivals such as Bhai dooj, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Karwachauth, etc. Indian Mehndi designs give full coverage to the hands and legs. They look good on the bride’s hands and legs. Every age and occasion has different styles of designs.

Importance of Mehndi from Medicinal Point of View:-

Mehndi has many medicinal properties such as soothing skin, relieving headache, calming mind and body and relieving people from stress. It is applied on hands and legs as it cools the nerves of the body relieving them from stress. Mendhika is a Sanskrit word and Mehndi comes from it.

Preparation and way of application:-

Mehndi leaves are either dried or grounded fresh to make a paste from it. This paste is then filled in a cone made from plastic to make simple or bridal Mehndi designs for hands and legs. It is believed that it drives away negative power, brings good luck and creates positivity all around. The Mehndi function is mostly celebrated a night before the wedding to wish the bride and groom good health, happiness and prosperity in married life.

Bridal Mehndi Designs Simple & New

Demand for bridal Mehndi design is never dying. A Mehndi design for men and women is equally important for its importance since ancient times in our culture. Even men adorn Mehndi designs on their palms on their wedding day, but the designs are simple and sober. Every bride dreams to have the best bridal mehendi designs for full hands and legs to enhance her bridal look, charm, and beauty.

Mehndi Party or Function in Wedding:-

Mehndi is enjoyed the most by the bride during the wedding functions or seasons. There is a special event in India that is scheduled prior to the wedding where Mehndi is applied to every girl and women’s hand along with the bride. The same function is celebrated at the groom’s place as well. The Female crowd is specially invited by the bride’s family and everyone’s hands and legs are decorated with intricate designs. Along with bridal makeup artist, a Mehndi artist is booked for that day to make designs on the bride and her guest’s hands. It is like family members coming together to celebrate the happiness of the bride and her family. Nowadays it is famous as a Mehndi party, where dance and songs are part of this ceremony. Mostly Mehndi is kept for at least 2 to 3 days before the wedding by brides to make it more darker.

 It is considered auspicious to apply Mehndi in festivals, happy occasions, and weddings. The Mehndi designs range from the simplest to more intricate ones. The price charged by the henna experts or beauticians or professional henna artists depends on their experience and location.

Wedding season is an earning season for Mehndi or henna artists. The designs vary from Indian Vedic designs to Indo- Arabic to Arabic designs. It is celebrated in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Islamic or Arabic countries. Mehndi has a lot of significance among Islamic religion. It is believed that deeper the color of the Mehndi, deeper is the love and affection between the couples. The color is not allowed to faint quickly after the wedding. More importantly, it has medicinal properties and that may be the core reason for putting it on hands and legs to avoid any diseases.

Types of Bridal Mehendi Designs for Full Hands and Legs as per Different Culture and Regions:-

Different culture and origins haves different types of Mehndi designs such as Pakistani, Arabic, Indo- Arabic, Moroccan, Western, Indo-Western, and African that are famous in the world. The common designs

#1. Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian Mehndi Designs
Indian Mehndi Designs

In Indian, Mehndi designs mostly a bride sitting in a palki, groom riding a horse, Kalash, mandap, artwork, etc. Then there are designs for other members who are bridals guest that includes light styles, chequered art, dots, motifs, names, flowers, etc. The elephant motif style is one of the most famous and favorite bridal designs in India. The curves and swirls in patterns with noticeable elephants in them.

#2. Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehndi Designs
Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani designs have more of their culture and tradition portrayed in it showing domes, leaves, mosques, flowers with dark outlines and intricately done art.

#3. Arabic and Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic has become quite popular everywhere for its ease to draw and fo

Arabic and Indo- Arabic Mehndi Designs
Arabic Mehndi Designs

r its royal look. The lines are bolder and darker with more empty spaces in the designs. Its origin is Arabic or gulf countries. It has become popular all over the world for its unique style and designs. In India, Indo- Arabic has become famous for the fusion of two arts. The design is eye-catching and impressive. The architectural designs with roundness, domes, and flowers give a royal and elegant look.

#4. Moroccan Designs

Moroccan mehndi Designs
Moroccan mehndi Designs

Moroccan designs are popular and are suitable for both men and women; this is because it has many geometric shapes and sizes, diamonds, prominent dots, tribal patterns, etc. It can be distinguished from other regular designs easily for its amazing charm and uniqueness.

#5. Western and Indo-Western Designs

Western and Indo-Western Designs
Western and Indo-Western Designs

Western Mehndi designs are considered as a tattoo and are made without any cultural or traditional reasons for it. The patterns resemble like some ornament which is worn in hands. And then there comes fusion of western and Indian designs

Mehndi Designs for Men

This consists of simple designs like bracelet style pattern, a small flower with empty spaces in it, a simple vertical Mehndi pattern, full floral design on palm, a design on the forearm, tattoo style designs for stylish men who don’t like to put floral and typical designs, etc.

The trend keeps changing and evolving due to the exposure one gets today through the internet. Today brides don’t stick to age-old designs rather try to get extra-ordinary looks and options to look beautiful.

Years will come and go but bridal Mehndi designs will never go out of fashion but out of box patterns and styles will keep emerging.

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