Amazing to get “Best Bridal Makeup Artist Award” from Nora Fatehi

Makeup is a style to show your appreciation for yourself. In today’s world, it’s crucial to appear your best at all times. When you have to encounter important individuals on a daily basis, such as clients, friends, or partners, or when you have special events, such as weddings,  engagements, or parties, you must do your best to define yourself. Makeup doesn’t only make your look complete but also boosts your confidence.

The bridal makeup and wedding dress are two of the most important concerns for every new bride. It’s a very significant deal since your wedding day is the most important day of your life,  therefore HD makeover is at your service.

Best Bridal Makeup Artist Award

HD MAKEOVER wins Millennium Awards 2021

Millennium Brilliance awards were established 5 years ago in 2017. The franchise acknowledges the efforts of people in the domain of “ Beauty and Wellness”, Fashion, Education, Media, Healthcare and Real Estate. Its 4th edition was held on 18 December 2021 in New Delhi, India. The awards were presented by the dancer, model and actress, the stunning, ever so gorgeous “Nora Fatehi ”.

Pooja was awarded Best Bridal Makeup Artist in 2021 by the celebrity Miss Nora Fatehi. The prize was titled “Millennium,” which refers to a thousand-year milestone. This prize was the HD-crowning Makeover’s accomplishment. It’s one of Asia’s most important award shows. It is awarded to the top talent and the most well-known brands. In a row, 17-21, it completed its 4th Edition. She is simply stunning and Bollywood’s most outstanding personality. Ms. NORA FATEHI is a very humble and down-to-earth person.

Bridal makeup service provider HD makeover received the coveted bridal makeup artist award from Nora Fatehi in the Millennium Award 2021 for their efforts in making folks look more glitzy on their huge day. At an event honoring the victory, the actress presented the award to Arpita Palash Ghosh.

How did HD MAKEOVER win the award?

The annual award winner “HD MAKEOVER” is an expert in bridal makeovers with over fifteen years of professional experience. A professional bridal makeup artist in India who deals in celebrity makeover, Acrylic Wedding makeover, modern wedding transformation, HD Bridal Makeup, classical bridal transformation, AD movie contouring, photoshoot, event, and stylish makeover.

Each girl’s wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. As a result, we aim to make it unforgettable. Our efforts worked splendidly, with the millennium brilliance award 2021 as a result. There are also plenty of other internet options, but none of them will guarantee you the most experienced makeover artist. HD MAKEOVER will provide you with the outstanding and most experienced make-up artist.

A makeover artist’s job is to use makeup and make people smile. If you have a strong appreciation for modifying people’s appearances with makeup, you should pursue a career in the beauty sector and establish yourself as an artist. Such instants assemble the team feels scornful and victorious because their endeavors have been determined.


HD MAKEOVER’s skilled stylists have had more than 15 years of experience in the industry and have extensive experience attempting to create bridal looks. Makeup application, hairdressing, and nail varnish are among the services offered by HD Makeover. In addition, the company provides full hair-styling service and pre-event pampering masterclasses to help customers start preparing for their significant day.

It’s everyone’s dream to look perfect on their big days without worrying. Hdmakeovers professional makeup artists transform you in a heartbeat. Either you want traditional makeup or trendy makeup. We will transform the way you want. HD MAKEOVER’s main services include

o HD makeup

o Airbrush makeup

o Wedding reception makeup

o Party makeup 

o Engagement makeup

HD MAKEOVER’s hairstylists and makeup artists are both professionals in their field. They use high-quality cosmetics that is tailored to your skin type.

HD MAKEOVER’s Services:

HD MAKEOVER provides quality services to all its customers. Their services include: 

o Personal Care Providers Who Are Verified and Trained

o Professionals which are skilled and experienced

o Services 100% guaranteed

o Higher Quality services

o Efficacy and dependability

o Market Competitive Charges

o Outstanding Customer Service

o Observance of SOPs

o In-time approach

o Your satisfaction is their priority

Awards Won 

HD MAKEOVER has won a number of awards till 2021. Till now they have served and provided makeup services to a large number of people.  They have become a Household name for bridal makeup services.

Advantages of Getting Makeup from HD MAKEOVER

There are a lot of benefits of getting makeup services from HD MAKEOVER. Some of the advantages of getting makeup from HD MAKEOVER  are as follows:

  • HD Makeup from HD MAKEOVER gives a natural look. 
  • The HD makeup helps to hide your minor skin problem completely like acne, dark circles, etc. While on the other hand, the Airbrush makeup covers it to some extent which is caught on camera. 
  • Dry skin ends with a non-cakey look. 
  • HD MAKEOVER concentrates more on non artificial look.
  • No extraordinary shine is given.  
  • Two things are the game-changers which are brushes and sponges. 
  • HD MAKEOVER Covers all the minor and major flaws. 


HD MAKEOVER- A place that is well-known for bridal makeovers was set on a vision. A vision to make every bride feel the happiest while letting her feel confident in herself. They embarked on their journey with a vision of providing selfless services to the most beautiful brides on their big day. HD MAKEOVER has come a long way from where it started only because of its superior quality makeup services. They are one of the best bridal makeup service providers in the country and so far they’ve played a huge role in giving extraordinary looks to brides for their special day. 

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