Important Things to Know While Finding Bridal Makeups Artist – Complete Guide

A wedding day is an important event in the life of a bride, which should be considered as a memory for a bride without any discrimination.

In precision, every bride has a right to look like a diva, which is only possible through good make-up and make-up artists on such a once in a blue moon and captured as a still moment of her.

As a bride is the center of the whole wedding event. The way she looks, especially on the pointed day, is always considerable.

Bridesmaids also focused on this prosperous moment of their besties. That is why it’s desperate to make space for the cost of bridal makeup, dress, and other parts of wedding expenses.

Bridal makeup usually involves the use of full coverage and long-lasting products. The color of lipstick and eye shadow should be bold, not vibrant, nude, or natural. Make-up is heavy. The purpose of bridal makeup is to obtain the perfect bride photo for every expression.

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bridal makeup

Delhi/NCR is declared as the most costly and beyond comparison to makeup artists in India. As is one of the major and historical and rich in culture cities in India. It has its unparalleled way and styles of wedding. As in Indian movies, it is shown that the groom getting down from a Helicopter is eccentric and beyond reality. Not every marriage in Delhi takes place in the same way. Both types of people, blue blood or royal wedding events and moderate to a simple wedding can be found here. In the same way, makeup artists, with high and low cost, can be founded here.

Things to Ask Before Booking Makeup Artist:

1. Bridal Makeup Price(Cost)

This is the first thing to proceed with because it’s all about your budget. Makeup artists are artists and art has not fixed price. That can vary from person to person.

Don’t forget to allocate a reasonable budget for your bridal hairstyle and makeup. However, it will help if you ask about bridal makeup costs based on the package provided by the artist.

Of course, after you know that the artist is available and have seen the pictures of your work, ask for a fee.

2. Makeup Trails

The trial is essential because you can’t determine the makeup artist and final makeup based on pictures alone. Lightning, angle, and a million other factors play a role, and what looks good on others may not suit you.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to book a trial period with the makeup artist of your choice.

In fact, asking the makeup artist should be your priority.

3. Products to Use

This is a vital question to ask your makeup artist. Although most professional makeup artists use high-end products, it is still important to ensure that your makeup artist uses the branded products and not just some local products.

If you are allergic to any product or brand beforehand, you should always communicate with them to prevent them from using it on the wedding day.

You can also queries to your MUA like:

What kind of makeup and application would you recommend for my skin?

Do you recommend any skin preparations before my bridal makeup?

Can you do a basic analysis for my skin?

4. Your Attention

After you have identified the bridal makeup artist, you can discuss your appearance in detail, but it is best to explain your thoughts. If the makeup artist is not an expert on the specific look or hairstyle you want, then you should know that already.

5. Availability

It’s very vital to ensure the availability of a makeup artist on your wedding day.

It’s more important than anything else.

Even if they are free on these dates, you should check the number of reservations they have for the day and the number of hours that the makeup artists have prepared for you.

6. Advance Deposits

The makeup artist also requires an advance payment to make a reservation. This fee is non-refundable and the rest should be paid to them before your wedding day.

Makeup artists are professionals who will spend a lot of energy, time, and money to arrive at the venue and prepare for you.

Therefore, it is best to pay your makeup artists on time without any negotiation

7. Communicating with MUA

It is very important to talk to your MUA and keep open communication channels.

If you don’t like something, please be polite and clear. This is their job, and most of them are also very happy to accept ideas and listen to your ideas, so when you talk to them in public, don’t consider how they accept it-as long as you are polite and

When Should you Start Looking for a Makeup Artist?

bridal makeup cost

Searching for the right makeup artist is not supposed to start a few days before Wedding.

One should start looking for a makeup artist at least 6 months before the wedding.

If you want to book a top MUA, you may have to start one year in advance.

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How to Find a Makeup Artist for the Wedding?

1. Online Wedding Portals

In this era of social media and technology, it’s very easy to find the best makeup artist available in the city.

A lot of wedding portals are available on the internet which can help you find the best one suitable for you.

You can their review before making your decision.

Here is the example-

2. Word of Mouth

This is another best option available for the bride to choose her makeup artist for the desired date.

Many people trust word of mouth more than wedding portals.

Sometimes word of mouth has more impact than any others ways of finding the best one

What Kind of Makeup to opt for? And What are the Bridal makeup Charges

1. Wedding Day Makeup

Compared with other less functional makeup, bridal makeup on the wedding day is relatively more expensive. Wedding makeup needs to be done with utmost care and precision and it may take a lot of time to complete it compared to the other makeups.

The charges of Wedding day makeup in Delhi starts from Rs 15000 and it can be any amount between Rs 15000 and Rs 100000+

2. Special Occasion Makeup

This is the other wedding functional cosmetics prepared for the bride for events like Sangeet, Mehendi, engagement and banquet.

Compared with wedding days, brides tend to experiment more with these features on makeup and hairstyle, while brides usually keep weddings as traditional hairstyles, such as binding classic hairstyles into buns.

Most expensive Special occasion makeup charges start from Rs 10000

What to Keep in Mind at a Makeup Trial?

1. Click pictures to check whether it suits you or not?

2. See how long does your makeup last?

3. Ask yourself and your close ones about the trial makeup and how you look like with it?

Things to Keep in Mind After You have Finalised Your MUA

book bridal makeup artist
  1. Discuss in advance any skin or hair care methods that MUA recommends for you, such as specific facial care, home remedies, or bleaching of your face or body parts.
  2. If other members of your family also use the same MUA, please discuss beforehand-exactly how many people will be ready, their specific requirements, etc.
  3. How much is the advance payment and when do you need to pay it to the makeup artist?
  4. Give details about the venue, date and time of the wedding and special wedding functions. It’s very important to update them if there is any change in the venue, date, or time of the function

What to Ensure After Finalising the MUA?

1. It’s very important to make sure that the MUA has seen your outfits for the wedding

2. Discuss your preferable hairstyles for wedding and all wedding functions

Answers to Payment Queries

1. Discussing the mode of payment that the makeup artist prefers. It can be in the form of cash, card, cheque or bank transfer

2. Advance payment for the makeup is between 10% and 50% of the total Charges

3. Advance paid by you cannot be refunded if you cancel the order.
In case the makeup artist cancels, ask them to provide a backup plan.

They may have another artist to replace them, or they may take over as their assistant. The fee you can pay in this case can also be negotiated based on who the backup makeup artist is.

The wedding day is the most important part of every bride’s life. A day to cherish and remember forever.

One day, you can go back and enjoy beautiful photos of you and your significant other. Therefore, even after many years, you still need to show the perfect bridal makeup and hairstyle on the wedding album to show your best condition.

Therefore it’s very important to choose the best makeup artist available who could give you their best. Choosing the best makeup artist in Noida, Delhi, or Greater Noida is not an easy task. It can be a little bit tricky since there are a lot of talented makeup artists.

Delhi/NCR is the place where you can find the cheapest and royal kinds of makeup artists for any important event of your life.

It might be a wedding event, birthday party, or any other kind of event. You can find a good to great makeup artist for your wedding to make your big day a memorable and happiest day of your life for you and your family.

Hoping this article, definitely help you while choosing best bridal makeup artist for your wedding.

Happy Wedding!

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