How to Find the Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

A wedding day is one of the most precious days of a woman’s life.

So many planning, so many preparations are being taken to make the perfect as a dream.

There are a number of segments that need to set up especially on the wedding day. The venue, the decorations, the catering; all things need to be settled up very nicely with appropriate planning.

The bride and groom need everything to be perfect, including the dress, jewelry, makeup, and of course the overall look.

Many women have a dream about their looks on the wedding day. The suitable MUA is one of the biggest searches in this process.

What is a Pro MUA?

The makeup and hairdo hold a great factor for the wedding look of a woman. So that should be perfect and suitable for the skin tone, personality, and desire of the bride. Pro MUA has numerous experiences to give a perfect wedding look to the bride. The total process of the wedding look needs to step up several delicate steps. Every touch of the blushes, every makeup texture should be matched with the skin tone and skin types and the most crucial thing is the makeup blending. If the makeup doesn’t blend perfectly in the skin, it can ruin the look on the most precious day.

The pro-MUA has a great caliber of hiding any kind of skin disputes with a great foundation blending.

They can turn a regular boring appearance to the grand classy look. The Pro touch gives an amazing makeover to feel good and satisfying as well. The expert MUA always advice for a few pre-wedding skincare sessions. Where the bride’s skin will be prepared for the wedding day.

Which Type of Makeup is Best For Bridal?

Expert advice is required to select the best bridal look. As they have done a number of bridal makeup, they can suggest the best look according to the skin tone and skin type. The makeup should be matched with the bride’s personality also. Or else the look will present a weird gesture.

Nowadays airbrush bridal makeup and HD bridal makeup are in trend.

What is Airbrush Bridal Makeup?

The airbrush makes up is done with an air gun. The air gun pipe is filled with a liquid foundation. When its sprays on the skin, it provides a smooth blend texture to the skin. Very easily it hides all the flaws on the skin. It gives a light feel picture-perfect look and its best for oily skin also.

It has great water-resistance power, so it stays intact for a long time in rain, snow, tears and any other moisture.

What is HD Bridal Makeup?

HD bridal makeup is the traditional makeup style. Where the makeup has been done for special occasions only. It uses silicon, Myka, crystal to make the makeup highlighted as HD.

Both shiny and matte look is available in this type. It gives a glowing and fresh look also.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Makeup Done For a Wedding?

The cost of bridal makeup depends on some important facts. The place where you live, which brand products you want to use, how Pro is the artist; are the most important factors on which the bridal makeup rate is dependent. The total package of the bridal makeup is included makeup and hairdo, costume setup, jewelry wearing.

We know that there are two types of bridal makeup present airbrush makeup and traditional HD makeup, so the charges are also different depending on the types.

Though it can be said that the usual package starts from 10k to higher up to 40 to 50k.

How Do I Pick a Makeup Artist For My Wedding?

There are a number of MUA are available in our locality. Some of them are very talented and skilled in this particular area. So now, here comes the confusion. What are the factors do we need to look at a good makeup artist? Women should not compromise with facial makeup as it is a matter of their skin. If any wrong makeup used at this time for a long time, several skin diseases may come up, which is not at all desired.

  • Market research is the most important thing to do while selecting a bridal MUA. the reviews can get from Instagram, Facebook or from local people or relatives.
  • Years of experience and work pattern is another major factor need to be checked. What type of make up the artist used to do for different types of brides. The years of experience will give an idea about the change in trends in recent days.
  • The product’s flexibility should be present to the Pro MUA. The products that should be used for makeup are should be professional, branded and skin-friendly. This is very important because all the skin doesn’t suit every skin.
  • The rate of the Pro MUA should be affordable to every class of people according to the products. If the MUA is using MAC or Revlon or L.A Girl then the charge will be high approx 30k to 40k. If the artist is using Lakme, Nykaa, Maybelline; then the cost can be fixed under 15k to 20k.
  • The makeup artist should reside near the place of the bride. If the artist will come from quite a distance there any issues may arise.
  • The most important above all factors is the behavior and understanding nature. The wedding day is a dream for many girls. They want to get dressed perfectly, so they have desires too. If the MUA is kind of stubborn with the product or the look, then it will not give the perfect appearance. So they should be polite and understanding.

What Are The Products Used For Bridal Makeup?

What Are The Products Used For Bridal Makeup
Products Used For Bridal Makeup

There are a number of special bridal makeup kit available in the market. So, here are the products usually used for bridal makeup.

  • Makeup primer
  • Foundation
  • Contour
  • Concealer
  • Highlighter
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Compact
  • Lip balm
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye shadow
  • Kajal
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Nail cream
  • Nail enamel
  • Makeup remover

So based on the above facts, you can choose your makeup artist wisely. Do let us know if you need any kind of help while selecting the right makeup artist for your wedding.

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