How to Remove Tan From Face at Home- Get Rid of Tan on Face

Wanna know how to remove tan from face at home?

The face after tanning (if the tan is uniform and provides a natural harmony with the skin colour of the whole body) looks attractive – at least, most of us think. Often, tanning allows you to hide minor defects of our skin, to some extent evens out the complexion.

However, it is the face (often along with the neck and forearms) that is usually the most affected by ultraviolet radiation. And so many of us are concerned about the question – how to remove tan from the face?

Stains on the Face After Sunbathing – Why they Arise

A uniform tan of the face is, of course, cool, but often the face is simply covered with spots. And well, if the problem was only aesthetic in nature! In fact, even if you do not often rest on the seas and oceans, the risks of skin diseases in these areas are very high.

According to experts from the World Health Organization, ultraviolet radiation is one of the main causes of non-melanoma cancers of the skin. In addition, it is also one of the causes of malignant melanoma.

Melanin is responsible for the uniformity of tanning on the face.

The amount of melanin pigment produced by our skin depends on numerous factors, among which the skin type plays an important role. Also, the intensity of exposure to ultraviolet rays refuses the intensity of the production of melanin.

How to Remove The Tan From Face
Tanning Face

How to Whiten Your Face from Tanning at Home

But what if you are already charred? Most often, many of us try to whiten our face from tanning at home. Just say that it is not so easy to remove the tan from the face if you are burnt to blisters. Actually, in this case, you should not be up to leveling your complexion; since special measures are needed here (it is best to consult doctors).


Useful properties: water is not only the most affordable remedy for sunburn but also, in fact, the primary remedy. Its main task is to normalize heat transfer, to “equalize” the temperature in various parts of the skin.

How to use water for a sunburn: yes, you can call a tan a sunburn without any hesitation, as this, in fact, is. To normalize heat transfer, you just need to lower your face into the water. Water should not be icy, but just cool. You can also use cold compresses.

Frequency of Action – It reduces pain and even complexion. Usually, the redness drops somewhere in an hour or earlier (in simple cases). And God forbid you to use ice for long-term cooling of burned areas – you only worsen the situation, as this can lead to the death of the epithelium.


Useful properties: It seems that even children know about the beneficial properties of sour cream, serum applied to sunburned areas of the skin. However, what they are due to – no one can really say.

In fact, if we are talking about severe sunburn, then dairy products will bring harm rather than benefit! With moderate burns, sour cream provides sufficient moisture to the skin, increasing its elasticity. The difference from water is that sour cream holds on the body better and heats up longer!

How to use dairy products: Firstly, if you have dry skin, then you should use sour cream; for oily skin, (even fat-free) or the same serum is suitable. Secondly, you should apply the dairy product with a thin layer on the reddened areas of the body, wait until the itching and redness disappear, then rinse with cool water.

#Aloe juice

Useful properties: aloe juice is considered a reliable tool that is highly effective in treating not only small cuts or wounds but also in the treatment of skin diseases. Burns from the sun begin to bother less, and the dark places of the skin lighten somewhat.

How to use aloe vera juice against sunburn: cut aloe leaves, rinse them thoroughly, chop and squeeze the juice. After this, it is necessary to layout the resulting slurry on the damaged (reddened) areas of the skin on the face, leaving them literally for a couple of hours. You can pre-cool a little.

#Lemon juice

Useful properties: Lemon juice has a number of well-known beneficial properties that allow you to use it not only to lighten tanned skin. Lemon juice is a constant ingredient in various scrubs, as well as masks for lightening and evening complexion.

How to use lemon juice against tanning: To begin with, lemon juice cannot be used to remove fresh redness that arose immediately after tanning. In the case of sensitive skin, it is even dangerous! In this situation, it is recommended to dilute lemon juice with cucumber juice, mineral water, or another component.

Treat the skin with a nourishing cream

If you have normal or oily skin, you can treat your face with a slice of lemon several times a day (4-5 times), leaving the juice on your face for five to ten minutes. After this, it is necessary to wash the skin with warm water (if the juice is greatly diluted, then you cannot wash it off). It is recommended to apply a thin layer of nourishing cream to the treated skin.


Useful properties: vinegar allows you to effectively even out complexion, evenly removing tan and spots formed by improper tanning. Obviously, such an active agent, such as vinegar, must be used to remove the old tan, since immediately after sunburn, it is unacceptable to apply a solution of vinegar to the skin.

#Hydrogen Peroxide

Useful properties: Probably the most effective whitening product that allows you to quickly remove tan from the face at home is hydrogen peroxide. However, it is also the most dangerous from the point of view of possible undesirable consequences mean, therefore, it is often recommended to apply for peeling of the skin with the help of peroxide to cosmetologists.

How to Quickly Remove Tan from the Face?
How to Quickly Remove Tan from the Face?

How to Quickly Remove Tan from the Face?

You can also try a mask of cucumber, strawberries, apples, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and other products. Methods of modern cosmetology can also help quickly remove tan from the face. It should be borne in mind that quickly remove a fresh tan with their help will not work – it is simply dangerous for the skin.

I hope, these tips will help you to get rid of face tanning. Do let me know If I missed any important way to remove tan from your face.

Your face is important and sensitive so please care about it and it is better to consult doctors before using any products other than natural products.

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